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Client Tool Box

During the nearly 30 years of our professional experience and associations, we've developed a "tool box" designed to help our clients better understand, manage and predict their healthcare benefits costs and plan performance:

Predictive Cost Models: These models are designed to provide accurate predictions of what lies ahead in terms of cost and access. What will next year's renewal likely be? What if another plan design was implemented? How would it affect your enrollment and costs?

Health Plan Financial Risk Comparison Model: This model measures and compares all aspects of the financial risk of a health benefit plan under a variety of different funding alternatives, such as traditional insurance, self-insurance and pooling arrangements. This model helps the employer plan sponsor understand the boundaries and limits of their liabilities under each alternative.

Zero Cost Shift Consumer Health Plan Model: How can you build an effective consumer health plan without shifting current plan costs to your employees? How can you negotiate such a program with your employer? This model was developed to help do both.

PPACA Strategic Planning Calculators: These model calculators translate the employer’s PPACA health plan liability into effective cost-management strategies under a variety of scenarios, including public and private exchange alternatives, safe harbor plans and alternatives to providing healthcare benefit plans.

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