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Economic audits: How do your health and welfare benefit plans compare to what other businesses offer?  Are your benefit plans helping or hurting your business plan?  How about your employees?  Are you aware of all of your health and welfare plan costs, benefit values and their tax implications?  We help achieve and maintain full transparency of ALL costs; specific to each function of plan design and benefit management.

Health care reform compliance: We help our clients understand how to comply with health care reform and how to prepare the necessary reporting required of the PPACA regulations.

Health plan renewal management: We help our clients break the cycle of annual renewal crisis by using an on-going, intensive strategic management process that identifies the optimal cost and benefit structure of next year’s plan – this year.

Health plan funding: How is the cost of your health benefits program affected by the way you fund it? Is a fully insured policy the best alternative? How about self-funding? We help you make that determination.

Actuarial services:  In order to help our groups see the big picture (a true assessment of their real costs), we also offer our groups an actuarial evaluation of their current program costs, reserve adequacy and optimal risk acceptance parameters.

Wellness program design: We propose innovative ways to work the demand side of the health care equation: measuring and managing your employees' use of health care services.

HR management: How are you managing your health and welfare benefit plan as part of your overall HR management plan? Are you maximizing the use of your payroll resources? Is your system providing the data needed for healthcare reform compliance?

Absence management: How are you managing productivity through the design and operation of your disability/PTO programs? How are they integrated with your workers compensation programs?

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